Welcome to K.A.P. Stamps

What we do.........

Since 1981 we have offered the world of collectors the opportunity to fill in those missing 'holes' in their collections. We do not limit our offers to the higher priced items as so many do. Right from the very basic .20 stamps to the issue valued at $1,000 or more, you'll find them all in our offers.

How are our offers presented?.......

Each week we offer two catalogs:

Our Regular Catalog:

16 pages in each issue. 7 columns per page for a total of more than 5,000 items to choose from. The catalog runs from A-Z and each time a given country appears it has usually substantially changed in content.

Our New Arrivals Offer:

This offering contains the newly processed material we handle each week. Almost any country may appear. It is the most comprehensive offer of a country we can make at any given time

Our unique pricing policy!.......

In our Regular Listing, YOU choose the price you pay based on what you wish to be able to return. You can choose a 50% discount (which works out to 50% or less of Scott) but returns are limited to incorrect numbers. You may also choose to pay the listed price in which case you can return any stamp for any reason (including that it's crooked in the envelope). There is a volume discount for larger orders which can lower your cost to 40% of Scott

Our New Arrivals offers are net priced but again, we offer a volume discount for larger orders.

To order your FREE12 week subscription.....

Receive your subscription via E-mail (PDF format) or Regular mail (PO Box 68364, Schaumburg, Il 60168) or order by phone (1-847-524-1392). We can only furnish electronic catalogs to non-U.S. addresses.

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